I had the pleasure of attending the big opening for artist (and friend) Brian Reed’s new art instillation entitled “A Matter of Heart”.  Brian’s work is so personal and combines elements of nature, performance art, and music to give this a very organic feel.  I have worked with Brian before and every time I see a new piece of his, I am truly humbled by the craft and detail that goes into his work.  The added element of music really sets the tone and within seconds sets the atmosphere for this journey.   I am honored to have been invited and to have experienced first hand.  Brian’s work shows how art can truly touch your soul -or in this case heart.

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Gallery 135 presents A Matter of Heart, the second in a series of exhibits planned by Manhattan artist Brian Reed. His installation of spirit staffs, each with its own visual impact and implied power, is ancient and contemporary, interpretive and expressionistic, magical and mundane, and deeply reverential toward the natural world.A ritualistic performance choreographed by Reed, with a soundtrack created by sound artist Brian Lindgren, augments the exhibition. The installation is open from April 2 to May 8, 2011