On this historic night, when people ask “where were you?” I figured it would be fitting to take some Facebook statuses and post.  Some reflect the culture, humor, politics, humanity and courage.  GOD BLESS AMERICA.

My father lays in peace with the death of bin laden. May all the souls affected by this mind of hatred find light and love. A decade defined by terrorism can now become a decade of hope. Ironic that former President Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” 8 years ago today (5/1/03). Wonder if Obama will use those now infamous words? • Proud to be an American. As one who stood and watched as the towers fall, and saw the destruction first hand … physically, spiritually and mentally … tonight’s news is amazing. If there is a hell, may OBL burn there. Sarah Palin saw this happen from her backyard. •   3519 DAYS SINCE 9/11. OSAMA BIN LADEN DEAD •  Mariah Carey hates bin Laden more than anyone. “Glitter” debuted on 9/11 and now bin Laden goes and steals the news of her twins’ birth. What a diva. •  Waldo: 1 ~ Osama Bin Laden: 0 •   i remember 9/11/01 like it was yesterday. this has been a long time coming. i pray that the families of those affected by that horrible HORRIBLE day may have some more peace and comfort now. •  Between William and Kates wedding and this news about Osama, Mariah Carey must feel like she gave birth to twins for nothing! •  In Memory of my Brother-in-law Thomas Sparaccio and all the Family & Friends that we lost in 9/11…may your Spirits Soar in Heaven tonight as Bin Laden enters Hell!!! •  It feels weird 2b happy that some1 is dead, but after what we went thru on 9/11. Remember where u were on 5/1/11 when Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden is dead. His body is evidently in US custody already. He pushed for others to be Martyrs, and he hid until he was hunted down. No dignity in his death at all! He died like the chicken that he was. There’s a special spot in hell for that man. Everyone on here is talking about bringing our troops home now that Bin Laden is dead…I hope that happens but, I’m not too sure that will be the case…Terrorists may fight on with him as their Martyr…and, unfortunately, when we do get to bring them all home, we have no jobs for them to come home to… Osama Bin Laden 2001-2011: World’s Longest Hide-N-Seek Champion •   I will not rejoice in anyone’s death, no matter who it it •  UPDATE: After death of Bin Laden, Republicans raise the threat of Obama’s reelection to orange. •   “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” – Mark Twain •   “Where were you grandpa when Osama was proclaimed dead?” well…. I was wearing a tophat, sitting in a 4 foot steaming cauldren, with an apple in my mouth. An actors life for me. •   Going down to ground zero tomorrow to give thanks for the Justice served on this day. •  “No one mourns the wicked.” •  “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr. •   Wishing, for perhaps the first time, that I lived in Washington — so I could go join that rally at the White House. (I don’t usually rejoice in people’s deaths but for this I’ll make an exception.) •   I can fly into LA on Friday morning with the wind of freedom beneath my wings •   “I got him guys, no need to worry.” •  Okay, I get it. bin Laden is dead. I understand that he was the face of terrorism and he was responsible for the death of thousands (as were the wars we waged to “find” him). But what kind of barbarians are we that we need to celebrate someone’s death in the streets? Is this really the best way to honor those who’ve died? Is this who we are? •   10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,000,000 later, we managed to kill one person. Worth it? •  And another day comes where I will not forget where I was and what I was doing when I heard news that has changed history.  • Historic. May 1, 1945: Adolf Hitler confirmed dead. May 1, 2011: Osama Bin Laden confirmed dead. •   Hussein – √ … Bin Laden – √ … Waldo, you’re next. <—- LOL! •  Obama is still (and I don’t care Wtf anyone says) the most impressionable man our country has seen in a very long time. Thank you for being such a leader and role model. I am nearly in tears being so proud to be an American. Oh yea, Donald, you have anything else to say? •   Al Qaeda revels in symbolism. They hit the World Trade Center and The Pentagon because they wanted to attack big symbols of democracy and finance. The death of Bin Laden is not the end of Al Qaeda, but it is a symbolic strike against the evil of that network. •  Please don’t let Osama’s death distract you from continuing to pay tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. •   the world just shifted… •   This day will live forever as the day that justice has been done! Such a huge, huge victory for New York City and the United States. How appropriate that the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden came on the eve of Yom Ha’Shoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today, I am proud to be an American, and proud to be the daughter of a Jewish War Veteran and Holocaust Liberator. •  CONFIRMED, Bin Laden’s last word: “Polo”! (LOL) •   “Mr. President, are you ready to make your address to the nation?” “No, let’s wait until about 10:48, right when Trump is about to fire someone on Celebrity Apprentice” •  : Last I checked we don’t celebrate anyone’s death…. It was necesary. But why don’t we focus on mourning the lost…. A friend posted this and it sums up what I’m feeling at the moment: “Might there be an end in sight to these years of war; might we be safe from retaliation; might we find some more peace than an hour ago, and might we find GREAT joy in all these things yet not find pleasure in another’s death. I am thankful. Thank you, President Obama and all who have been part of this.” feels strange rejoicing in the death of another human being. But, justice is served. •   When I was 16 the towers fell and I lost the rest of my childhood. Thanks to the men and women who gave me back the feeling I had for so many years of being safe! For all those who perished I love you and your families! •   I wish they had capture Bin Laden alive then to watch a exclusive interview from the prison with Barbara walters!!! •  Airing people in the streets celebrating Osama’s death ironically reminds me of the faces of jubilation I saw at the time of 9/11. this will propagate hate. hate begets hate. My thinking is I don’t think this is going to change anything. I can’t celebrate the death of a human being no matter how evil. And I can’t celebrate the death of this particular person because of how well organized Al Quida is. Wow… a royal marriage and a royal death in one week! Life is incredible. =] =[ •  Headed to Times Square… with camera in hand… Proud to be an American tonight… even prouder to be a New Yorker… •  This is the best evidence that we had no business invading Iraq to get to Osama Bin Laden. •  As someone who lived through 9/11 in NYC, this news about Osama has brought up so many feelings. Hoping this brings some peace and closure to the hearts of all who loved and lost. •  GO OBAMA!!!!!! NO MO’ OSAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! •  Osama Bin Laden is dead! About time! •   I can’t express how proud I am of our troops, and leaders (both Democrats And Republicans!) I’m proud to be an American! Today and everyday! •   What a jubilation NYC has tonight about Osama Bin Laden. America’s stature has been somewhat restored. To everyone who has lost or witnessed the deaths of family, friends, co-workers and all those who served here and abroad I pray this brings some sort of closure and justice   Congrats to our President and our American team who captured OBL and for this I celebrate and thank God this part is over.  •   In memory… •   feels like an obligatory current status is necessary. In addition to the almost three thousand US civilians killed, over 47,000 Armed Services have died since 9/11 trying to bring these people to justice. No matter your political stripe, religious belief, love/hate of the current/previous president, many, many Americans will sleep well tonight. God bless our selfless Military, who want nor need any note nor ovation. Hope – When things seem at their darkest When you feel at your lowest When the world is dissolving into. •  You all know I stay on our President’s ass to get us equal – but, I do know when it’s time to give him his due – TONIGHT, is one of those nights. Thank you Mr. President for not forgetting about the campaign promise you made to those who lost loved ones. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” Martin Luther King, Jr. •  We will NEVER FORGET the morning of September 11, 2001.   We will NEVER FORGET the evening of May 1, 2011. i know it’s not right to rejoice in the death of anyone. I know nothing can make up for all the lives lost both as a result of terrorism and in wars against terrorism. But all the same, i am glad they got the mother@#%*#% with the hat. •  Let’s not waste the lives of those we have lost. Let’s, together, make the world a place of love and joy and not a place of fear and anger.  Let’s: Think Peace, Act Peace, and Spread Peace.  Peace in your mind, Peace on earth, Peace at work, Peace at home, and Peace in the world.  – John Lennon •   “The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.” — Carl Jung •  ‎” I wonder if he died of natural causes? 😉 “ ‎”justice have being done” •  Can’t wait to read my future kid’s history book to see this day and remember where I was •  Justice has been served! ok people. you got your wish… no one is going to be talking about the royal wedding any more. •  Kylie Minogue starts her 2nd United States Tour and Osama Bin Laden is killed the same weekend …. Coincidence? 😉 •  TRUMP WANTS TO SEE OSAMA’S DEATH CERTIFICATE!!!!!! One nation, with liberty, and justice, for all.