New York City — This Christmas, two gay men in New York took upon a task fit for Santa himself: they helped answer hundreds of letters meant for the North Pole, letters which mysteriously were addressed to their apartment in Chelsea.

Jim and Dylan live on 22nd Street, in Apartment 7A, and for some reason, hundreds of children in the greater New York area think Santa lives there too.
The New York Times reports that in the past few years, Jim and Dylan have received a handful of letters. But this year, they got more than 400.  

They open every one.

“I think it’s more emotional than I expected it would be. Even when they’re not sad, the expectation in them makes me a little sad,” Dylan said.

At first, this year, they didn’t know what to do with the flood.

“How would you choose?” said Jim. “There’s no rule book for this,”

But then Jim decided to start handing them out to friends. He posted letters on Facebook and enlisted his co-workers. In all, they found “elves” for more than 200 letters.

“Jim doesn’t think about it, he just gives, and that’s always been his way, and I love that about him,” said Dylan.