Special Thanks to Monika Kratochvil who works to get all the platinum on all the famous celebrities at the Golden Globes.  Below is a personal picture of Scarlett Johansson in platinum from this year’s Golden Globes.  More info about why stars love to wear platinum is below.

Scarlett Johansson in platinum at the Golden Globes 2011

Scarlett Johansson in platinum at the Golden Globes 2011

From Natalie Portman’s statement necklace to Catherine Zeta Jones’ drop earrings, Hollywood’s leading ladies chose to celebrate their accomplishments in platinum jewelry at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Platinum is naturally white, so it maximizes the brilliance of diamonds and colored gemstones, making it the ideal setting for the red carpet, and all of life’s most important moments.

About Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is the ideal choice for bridal and fashion jewelry because it holds diamonds and precious gemstones more securely than any other metal. It is not only the highest quality metal, but its density makes it one of the most durable and enduring precious metals. Platinum is also naturally white, unlike white gold, which means it will not cast any tint onto a diamond or gemstone, allowing the stone’s genuine color to sparkle brightly.

To learn more about platinum jewelry and to view jewelry styles at a variety of price points, please visit www.preciousplatinum.com/designgallery.