Gloria Stewart who appeared as the elderly ‘Rose’ in the mega hit ‘Titanic’ has passed away at 100 years of age. Ms. Stewart who was diagnosis with lung cancer a few years ago succumed to the illness illness the Sunday the 26th. Gloria, who changed her name fron Stewart to Stuart for career purposes, was a founding member of ‘SAG’ which is the Screen Actor’s Guild’.

‘Street of Women’ was Ms. Steward’s first film in 1932. She made her last film, ‘Land of Plenty’ in 2004. This is a career that spanned 78 years. In all those years she won several acting awards mostly for ‘Titanic’, however, Oscar eluded her. She does however hold the title of the oldest person ever nominated for an Oscar. The same year, 1998, she was chosen as one of ‘The Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World’ by ‘People Magazine’.

Ms. Stewart was the only cast member who was actually alive during the time Titanic sank.

This is a great loss to Hollywood. Ms. Stewart was a national treasure and will be missed by friends, family and fans alike.