Venexiana at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

The Studio, Lincoln Center
Saturday, September 8, 2012

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The Venexiana S/S 13 brought us an array of evening gowns that ranged all the way from sexy & edgy, to sweet & ladylike.
The draping was done expertly by designer Kati Stern, and the intricate details allotted to some of the gowns added an extra something special to the pieces.  Venexiana: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Venexiana: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

 I loved how a peplum was created by a halo of feathers on a beaded gown, it was a unique take on a popular trend that has been all over the runways this fashion week.
But, all the magic didn’t just happen in the front of the dress. Many of the styles had low backs which were of course draped to perfection.

I truly believe Venexiana tried to cater to all different types of women. The show was visually stunning and has already left me eager for more from Kati.

Special Contributor: Antone Rosas
Kristen Lohman (Writer)